Source code for l2tscaffolder.lib.engine

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""The scaffolder engine."""
import logging
import os

from typing import Iterator
from typing import Type

from l2tscaffolder.definitions import manager
from l2tscaffolder.lib import errors
from l2tscaffolder.lib import file_handler
from l2tscaffolder.scaffolders import interface as scaffolder_interface

[docs]class ScaffolderEngine: """The engine, responsible for file handling and setting up scaffolders.""" def __init__(self): """Initializes the engine.""" super(ScaffolderEngine, self).__init__() self._attributes = {} self._definition = '' self._definition_root_path = '' self._file_handler = file_handler.FileHandler() self._file_name_prefix = '' self._scaffolder = None self.module_name = '' def _RaiseIfNotReady(self): """Checks to see if all attributes are set to start generating files. Raises: errors.EngineNotConfigured: when the engine is not fully configured. """ if not self._definition_root_path: raise errors.EngineNotConfigured( 'The path to the project root is not properly configured.') if not self.module_name: raise errors.EngineNotConfigured('Module name has not been configured.') if not self._scaffolder: raise errors.EngineNotConfigured('Scaffolder object not yet set.') try: self._scaffolder.RaiseIfNotReady() except errors.ScaffolderNotConfigured as exception: raise errors.EngineNotConfigured(exception)
[docs] def GenerateFiles(self) -> Iterator[str]: """Generates needed files. Raises: errors.EngineNotConfigured: when not all attributes have been configured. Yields: str: the full path to a file that was generated and written to disk. """ self._RaiseIfNotReady() self._scaffolder.SetOutputName(self._file_name_prefix) for file_source, file_destination in self._scaffolder.GetFilesToCopy(): if os.path.isfile(file_source): full_path = os.path.join(self._definition_root_path, file_destination) try: written_file = self._file_handler.CopyFile(file_source, full_path) yield written_file except errors.FileHandlingError as exception: logging.error( 'Unable to copy file: {0:s} to {1:s} with error: {2!s}'.format( file_source, full_path, exception)) for file_path, content in self._scaffolder.GenerateFiles(): full_path = os.path.join(self._definition_root_path, file_path) yield self._file_handler.AddContent(full_path, content) for file_path, content in self._scaffolder.GetInitFileChanges(): full_path = os.path.join(self._definition_root_path, file_path) self._file_handler.AddImportToInit(full_path, content) yield full_path
[docs] def SetModuleName(self, module_name: str): """Sets the module name as chosen by the user. Args: module_name (str): name of the module to be generated by the scaffolder. """ file_name_prefix = module_name.replace(' ', '_') file_name_prefix = file_name_prefix.lower() module_name = file_name_prefix.replace('_', ' ') module_name = module_name.title() module_name = module_name.replace(' ', '') self._file_name_prefix = file_name_prefix self.module_name = module_name
[docs] def SetScaffolder(self, scaffolder: scaffolder_interface.Scaffolder): """Stores and initializes the scaffolder object in the engine. Args: scaffolder (scaffolder_interface.Scaffolder): the scaffolder class that the engine will use to generate files. """ self._scaffolder = scaffolder
[docs] def SetProjectRootPath(self, root_path: str): """Sets the path to the root of the project tree. Raises: errors.NoValidDefinition: when root path is not identified as a valid definition path. """ for definition in manager.DefinitionManager.GetDefinitionObjects(): if definition.ValidatePath(root_path): self._definition = definition.NAME self._definition_root_path = root_path return raise errors.NoValidDefinition('No valid definition has been identified.')
[docs] def StoreScaffolderAttribute( self, name: str, value: object, value_type: Type): """Stores an attribute read from the CLI. Args: name (str): the attribute name. value (object): the attribute value. value_type (type): the attribute type. Raises: KeyError: if the attribute name is already defined. ScaffolderNotConfigured: if the scaffolder has not yet been set. ValueError: if the value is not of the correct type. """ if not self._scaffolder: raise errors.ScaffolderNotConfigured('Scaffolder has not yet been set.') self._scaffolder.SetAttribute(name, value, value_type)