Source code for l2tscaffolder.scaffolders.timesketch

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Timesketch scaffolder that generates analyzer plugins."""
import os
import logging

from typing import Dict
from typing import Iterator
from typing import Tuple

from l2tscaffolder.lib import definitions
from l2tscaffolder.lib import mapping_helper
from l2tscaffolder.scaffolders import interface

[docs]class TimesketchBaseScaffolder(interface.Scaffolder): """The Timesketch base scaffolder interface. Attributes: class_name (str): class name of the Timesketch analyzer to be generated. """ # The name of the plugin this scaffolder plugin provides. NAME = 'timesketch_base' # One liner describing what the scaffolder provides. DESCRIPTION = 'This is a scaffolder for Timesketch analyzers' # Define which project this particular scaffolder belongs to. PROJECT = definitions.DEFINITION_TIMESKETCH # Filename of templates. TEMPLATE_PLUGIN_FILE = '' TEMPLATE_PLUGIN_TEST = '' # Questions, a list that contains all the needed questions that the # user should be prompted about before the plugin or parser is created. # Each element in the list should be of the named tuple question. QUESTIONS = [] def __init__(self): """Initializes the Timesketch scaffolder.""" super(TimesketchBaseScaffolder, self).__init__() self._plugin_path = os.path.join('timesketch', 'lib', 'analyzers') self._plugin_test_path = os.path.join('timesketch', 'lib', 'analyzers') # Timesketch uses 4 spaces instead of 2, thus we need to set a different # formatter. self._mapping_helper = mapping_helper.MappingHelper( formatter_path='.style.ts.yapf') self.class_name = '' def _GeneratePlugin(self) -> str: """Generates the plugin file.""" return self._mapping_helper.RenderTemplate( self.TEMPLATE_PLUGIN_FILE, self.GetJinjaContext()) def _GeneratePluginTest(self) -> str: """Generates the plugin test file.""" return self._mapping_helper.RenderTemplate( self.TEMPLATE_PLUGIN_TEST, self.GetJinjaContext())
[docs] def GetInitFileChanges(self) -> Iterator[Tuple[str, str]]: """Generate a list of init files that need changing and the changes to them. Yields: Tuple[str, str]: path to the init file and the entry to add to it. """ plugin_path = self._plugin_path.replace(os.sep, '.') plugin_string = 'from {0:s} import {1:s}\n'.format( plugin_path, self._output_name) plugin_init_path = os.path.join(self._plugin_path, '') yield plugin_init_path, plugin_string
[docs] def GetJinjaContext(self) -> Dict[str, object]: """Returns a dict that can be used as a context for Jinja2 templates. Returns: dict: containing: str: name of Jinja argument. object: Jinja argument value. """ context = super(TimesketchBaseScaffolder, self).GetJinjaContext() context['class_name'] = self.class_name context['plugin_name'] = self._output_name return context
[docs] def GenerateFiles(self) -> Iterator[Tuple[str, str]]: """Generates all the files required for a Timesketch analyzer plugin. Yields: list[tuple]: containing: str: file name. str: file content. """ plugin_name = '{0:s}.py'.format(self._output_name) self.class_name = self._mapping_helper.GenerateClassName( self._output_name) try: plugin_path = os.path.join(self._plugin_path, plugin_name) plugin_content = self._GeneratePlugin() yield plugin_path, plugin_content except SyntaxError as exception: logging.error(( 'Syntax error while attempting to generate plugin, error ' 'message: {0!s}').format(exception)) test_file_name = '{0:s}'.format(self._output_name) test_path = os.path.join(self._plugin_test_path, test_file_name) try: test_content = self._GeneratePluginTest() yield test_path, test_content except SyntaxError as exception: logging.error(( 'Syntax error while attempting to generate plugin test, error ' 'message: {0!s}').format(exception))